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About Me

Hi! My name is Nikita Popov, but you’ll mostly meet me as nikic on the internet. Currently I’m studying computer science and physics at the Technical University of Berlin (Germany). I contribute to the PHP project and maintain a number of open-source PHP libraries.

Feel free to contact me via Alternatively you can usually find me in the PHP chatroom on StackOverflow.


My most popular open-source projects, sorted by stars:

  • PHP-Parser – A PHP parser written in PHP
  • FastRoute – Fast request router for PHP
  • scalar_objects – Extension that adds support for method calls on primitive types in PHP
  • iter – Iteration primitives using generators
  • php-ast – Extension exposing PHP 7 abstract syntax tree

Accepted PHP proposals

PHP 7.3:

PHP 7.2:

PHP 7.1:

PHP 7.0:

PHP 5.6:

PHP 5.5:


  • PHP 7: What changed internally? [IPC’15]
  • PHP 7: What changed internally? [PHP Barcelona’15]
    (slides, video)
  • PHP 7: What changed internally? [Forum PHP’15]
    (slides, video)
  • PHP language trivia [PHPKonf’17]
  • Static Optimization of PHP bytecode [PHPSC’17]
  • Static Optimization of PHP bytecode [phpDay’17]


  • Static Optimization of PHP 7 [CC’17]
    (pdf, acm)